Catcher in the Rye by: James N. Davis

Artist Statement:

I think about what has affected me in my life, and how lonely these emotions make me feel. I have attempted to exhibit in my artwork the feelings of loss and disappointment I find in my culture and show the chaotic mess that is the human condition. Artists that inspire me are Wes Anderson, Albrecht Durer, and Hans Hemmeret. Wes Anderson’s simplistic shots, filled with emotion and unspoken dialogue, Albrecht Durer’s gorgeous renderings of nature in it’s simplest and most beautiful forms, and Hans Hemmeret’s social commentary on the decay of our 21st century culture inspire me to analyze and effect the art that I create.
The biggest strength in my work is that all of them are personal and tell stories. My Catcher in the Rye painting tells the story of loss and difficulties with self in J.D. Salinger’s novel and translates them into colors and contrasting shapes reflecting the themes of struggles faced in the novel and those of youth culture. It was inspired by Wes Anderson’s simple shots, which tell stories through composition and color. In BoxHead,I gave way to themes of wanderlust and disappearing through abstraction of shapes, 3D elements and painting. Much like Han’s Hemmeret’s 3D sculptures in tone, however much different in execution and color. I have been experimenting with different media, including; painting, relief prints, impressionistic still lives, and collage. My artistic style is one of equal parts ferocity and timidness; I want to fight and put my heart into all of my pieces but my timid nature brings me back and makes me think, leading to pieces of art that say what I could never speak through the language of color, contrast, movement, and balance.


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