“Now You See Me” Dir. By Louis Leterrier Rating:



“Now You See Me” Dir. By Louis Leterrier 

Rating: 8/10

“Now You See Me” is one of the best magic oriented films I’ve seen since there was the double feature battle known as the dual release of both “The Illusionist” and “The Prestige” at the same time. 

I particularly love this movie’s cast. Which didn’t seem like a good point when I was going into the film. The cast worked wonderfully together. They all knew their characters inside and out and that’s what really made this movie work. 

Besides great special effects, plot and character development, the real thing about this movie that stands out is it’s message. That somethings should be left a mystery.

Sure there’s an explanation behind every magic trick or every unknown phenomena in our world, but really some things shouldn’t be uncovered. 

It was a great film with a great unexpected twist. It made everyone in my audience go ‘what’ out loud. I truly loved it, and while it might be a classic of the silver screen, it’s definitely one of the better popcorn flicks to come out this year. I definitely recommend seeing for a fun and flashy show. 


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