‘Man of Steel’ Dir. By Zach Snyder 

Man of Steel is a powerhouse of a superhero film. Something I didn’t expect coming from Zach Snyder. While it is very much a Zach Snyder film (repeated use of shots that did not need to be used more than once ex. Manual zooming into objects to get closer detail was used at least fifteen times). As a non-superman fan myself, seeing his story brought together with such humanistic qualities that it was believable and emotional was an immense relief. The fight scenes are decimating and fantastically well done. I really liked this film. It was very much a Zach Snyder film, which depending on your point of view, is either a good thing or an awful thing. However I believe Christopher Nolan exercised some power over Snyder to make the film better. Overall, I have to give this film an 8/10 for having a well paced plot, good origin story, and fantastic cinematography and effects.  


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