The Great Gatsby DIR. By Baz Luhrman 

Glitz, glamour, and a complete lack of themes in the novel. Baz Luhrman makes a fantastic tale of the swingin’ twenties and follows the plot of the novel ‘The Great Gatsby’ but doesn’t deal with any of the major themes of the novel. Sadly making it an unfaithful adaption in the eyes of any person who loved the book.

Despite this the movie is so enjoyable I forgot about the book. A glitzy and glittery film much like the style of his previous films, with a great soundtrack, over the top everything, it’s a fun film. It’s a beautiful film. I give this movie a nice solid 6.5/10 due to it’s lack of themes that it could have shown, however the set design, effects, and overall visual appeal and acting in the film is fantastic, more than making up for it’s mediocre attempt at following the themes of the novel. 


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