ImageStar Trek: Into Darkness DIR. By J.J. Abrams 

Woah. So this is basically blasphemy in the eyes of any Trekkie, but I haven’t seen the series, movies, or even the movie previous to this one. I plan to fix this I promise! I already have Star Trek waiting for me at home and the series in my instant queue! I digress, the film was fantastic. It was so much better than I thought it would be (having no prior experience). The emotional connections created were perfectly written, and the development of those relationships throughout the film was simply flawless. The cinematography was immaculate, although there was way too much lens flare for my liking, but hey, that’s J.J. Abrams for you. The movies plot was great and not knowing anything about Khan before seeing the film, the plot ‘twist’ was nerve wracking, not to mention the epic finale.

A beautiful science fiction space opera, a must see for any fan, or someone who enjoys good movies to be honest. 9/10  



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