Pacific Rim DIR. By Guillermo Del Toro 

This is the movie of the summer. The other movies can just check out now. I give this movie a whole 10/10 stars. It’s creative, over the top, beautiful, well written, and well made. 

I was blown away by the film mainly because I didn’t expect much from it, I expected a gigantic monster vs. robots film. While that is on the surface what ‘Pacific Rim’ is, it’s also so much more than that. It’s a gorgeous study in humans coming together in times of crisis to work together and overcome greater destructive forces. Or, in other words, it’s a movie about people putting aside each others differences to work together. A theme that is all the more prevalent as our world breaks out in more and more wars. While it’s covered with robots and kick-ass fight scenes, it’s really a very subtle theme that the movie presents. 

Besides the gorgeous special effects and monstrous creatures that make the viewer gape at the screen in awe, there are also fantastic character developments. Especially between the two main characters. Guillermo Del Toro knew what he was doing. He brought out each character’s flaws and benefits in tremendous ways. It’s a one of a kind film that I care deeply about (I’m now officially a part of the ‘fandom’). Even the side characters have stories that our well written so by the time that there stories close you care deeply about what they sacrificed.

I don’t want to give to much away in terms of plot or characters but suffice it to say that they are well written and well directed. The world created on screen is enveloping and beautiful. 

By the end of the film you surely will be screaming along with the people on screen “Yeah Gipsy! Kick his ass!” 


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