A Light Provided by The Royal Tenenbaums

  A Light Provided by The Royal Tenenbaums

In my Sophomore year of high school I was diagnosed with depression, at the end of Junior year I was diagnosed with what is called a pre requisite disease to bi polar disorder. I didn’t miss school physically however mentally I wasn’t present. I would go to school only to feel isolated from my friends as well as my classes. However after the worst of days I could always come home to my carefully selected collection of films in my room. I could turn on my playstation and put one of the many films I’d collected over the past year or so and get lost in a world of perfectly orchestrated lights, colors, and dialogue. I saw it as the perfect orchestration of the real and the unreal. It brought me out of my world and into another that was just as real or as fake as I needed it to be. To deal with this depression I dove into film in order to escape and find solace, and find what I wanted out of life at the same time.

During the middle of my junior year I made the discovery of Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums; a film about an estranged family of former child prodigies who come back together when their father announces he has cancer. I was transfixed by this film’s attention to details, the subtle use of filters in multiple scenes, the use of panoramic shots, the comprehensive storyline. It was immediately an answer and a sympathetic voice to me. It’s characters showed me that it was okay to be sad, to be lonely, to be afraid. It gave and showed me a light that I had been missing. I suddenly and wholly knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. In Junior year I fell in love with the fantastical art of cinema and creating films, everything that was involved with the creation of film I loved, from cinematography to the audio design I was completely in awe. I owe this love to The Royal Tenenbaums, without it I would have never discovered how pristine and gorgeous cinema can be.

I knew after viewing Wes Anderson’s masterpiece that I wanted to create films. I didn’t want to create the next blockbuster series, I want to create a film as full of meaning, beauty and symbolism as The Royal Tenenbaums. In my mind I realized that I wanted to create films, not just ordinary films, movies with the same type of majesty that I saw in the The Royal Tenenbaums. Cinema that can help people who are lost in a sea of troubles, people that need an answer or assurance, but are unable to find it. I need to create cinema, I need and have the drive, to be a director who can create scenes and stories within the frames of film that can change people’s lives, like The Royal Tenenbaums did for me.


This was my college essay, that got me into all six of the schools I applied too. Including my top choice Emerson College. Sadly I couldn’t afford to go to Emerson, so I’m hopefully going there or somewhere else for graduate school. I’m going to graduate school to study film. However next year, I’m going to UMass Amherst to double major in English and Communications with a Film Certificate. I’m very proud of this essay. 


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