This is my final project for IB English Literature.

Question: Is the natural position of our human condition one of empathy for others or one of isolation? in other words, if our human condition is about empathy for others, why do we have events like the Boston bombings? Alternatively, if our human condition is one that is concerned about individuality, why do we have groups that sit together in the commons?
ALSO; You’ve studied calculus and physics and cell structures and dates and elements and films and….but what are you going to do with it? What is actually useful about what you have studied?
Thesis: Through my studies of film, literature and art; I have noted the cultural importance of cinema and books to the human condition, and how the humans naturally lean towards empathy, or try to feel empathetic to each other. While this also shows the failures and triumphs of people as they search for reasons to be empathetic and emotional towards others, humans inherently will try to understand what makes others tick and will hope that others will return the same courtesy.
Conclusion: There really is no conclusion here, the empathy is still forming. There is a never-ending battle between humans being empathetic to others situations and to others refusing to be empathetic due to cultural ignorance. The result of which is war and death. Hopefully enough people will begin to realize that all over the world, there are people like them. Whether they discover this through film or literature or another medium is up to them, but until others understand that empathy is a necessary component to understanding then the wars and terror will never stop and people will always have differences. However those knowledgable enough to fight back with compassion and understanding of others will hopefully be able to sway those who turn a blind eye.


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