“Let’s go to Paris. I wanna rob!”


“The Bling Ring” DIR. by Sofia Coppola 

Rating 10/10

I found this movie absolutely beautiful. It’s an amazingly satirical and well directed movie. I actually cannot even begin to express how well written, directed and shot this film is. Anyone that thought this movie was absolutely terrible were not looking closely enough.

The writing of the characters and the development of the characters is simply stunning. The people that hated on this movie, I’m convinced that they didn’t approach viewing the film the correct way. The film is not meant to be a complete drama. It’s a comedy, a satire, and a drama all rolled up into one beautifully written film.

The movie is shocking, funny, and suspenseful. The cinematography in this film is particularly beautiful. Some shots took my breath away, it was absolutely gorgeous.

Go watch this and realize how fucked our generation is, and how terrible you feel for relating to these characters.


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