“Lie to us, we’ll lie to you, spy on us, we’ll spy on you, poison us, we’ll poison you”


“The East” DIR. By  Zal Batmanglij


A powerful and touching thriller about the economics and power of corporations on our environment. The characters are well written and terrifically acted, the movie could have easily been extended a bit longer to put together the plot a bit better but the film is otherwise a solid thriller to sit and watch on your couch for some good entertainment. I enjoyed this film, especially when I was watching it on my flight back from Maui, I enjoyed being on the edge of my seat and I liked the punishments they exacted on some of the corporations. Even if you don’t agree with what there doing it shows what some people will do to show the wrongs that others have done and the hurt that they have caused to others. Overall a very touching and human experience to watch. I liked it and will most likely by it on DVD at some point to have in my collection. 


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