” Listen to me. Don’t let your imagination run wild. It’s a transitional period.”



Escape from Tomorrow DIR. By Randy Moore

Rating 7/10


“Escape from Tomorrow” is a fantastic, surreal journey into madness and imagination, specifically happening at Disney World. Starting the film off with the loss of the protagonists job, we quickly get to see his un-happiness with his completely ordinary life. While going throughout the park, the things that made the parks magical to him as a child, are now warped into a twisted, and evil place that harbors the darkest parts of his imagination.

Shot guerrilla style and most surprisingly actually shot in Disney World (not allowed under any circumstances), the film creates a terrifying and surreal film where the main protagonist watches his world twist and warp until he finally realizes what’s going on.

Only to start over again.

I wouldn’t say the film is perfect, there are multiple issues with continuity and some shoddy writing. But overall it’s an experimental film, and so well orchestrated that sometimes my jaw dropped at how well choreographed this film was.


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