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May-11-2016 16-09-03

“You dropped some cigarettes.”

The Royal Tenenbaums directed by Wes Anderson




“Iron Man 3” DIR. By Shane Black 

Let me just say that this review is biased. I am a massive Robert Downey Jr. fan. It’s really embarrassing but I love the man and his movies. I’m also a massive Iron Man geek, I have the comics, the action figures, everything. However, I will try and keep this as good and as brief (per usual) a review as the others are.

Iron Man 3 is the best Iron Man since the first one, and definitely one of the outstanding films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Phase Two). This is a film I personally connected with due to Tony Starks internal struggles with self and anxiety. Dealing mostly with Tony’s increasing problems with anxiety from the previous attack on New York, and issues with his life in general, he has to face another villain. This is the film that really shows where the superhero genre should be going. It shows Iron Man’s human side. It gives him real problems and gives him motives that make sense and another person can relate too. Making Iron Man an even more powerful hero due to how relate-able he is. The film has intense action sequences, fantastic character development, an end scene to take your breathe away, tear jerking moments, and hilarious lines from the sass master Tony Stark.


I give this movie a 10/10 not just because I love the series, character, and actor, but because it is overall one of the best superhero films made in a long, long, time.